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I just installed freePBX on a test system and was so impressed I put it on my main asterisk system (asterisk at home 2.7 with packages further updated manually) . It is a much needed overhaul of AMP. AMP was useful but a little clunky and sometimes needed prodding to work properly. freePBX has a much slicker feel, and a few great new features.

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To install, download the freePBX tarball from sourceforge and get it onto your server (I use fugu for such things).

Unpack it in the /usr/src directory.

from a terminal:

amportal stop

cd /usr/src/freepbx-2.0.1


amportal start

Point your web browser at it.

Go to setup:module admin

I installed and enabled everything but Online Support. On hold music may have been a mistake, as it blew away my nice music settings. I'll need to fix that. Not surprisingly, the MP3 support is as poor as before.

You need to go to inbound routes right away and add a default route that all unspecified calls go to. Of course you need to enable any Queues and IVRs if you used those before. I was up and running in 15 minutes! 
I really like the new conferences interface, and it looks like there is a good start toward a useful administrative users interface.

Good stuff!


One bit of weirdness is the Asterisk@Home Maintenance tab disappears – you can still type /maint manually to get to it though.

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