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OSX Server nfs export

I had a need to access some Shared directories via nfs from my OSX 10.3 server to my Ubuntu Dapper machine. There were only a few tricks to it.

  1. From Workgroup Manager on the OSX Server, click on Sharing and then the Share point.
  2. Click on Protocols and then select NFS Export Settings
  3. Click Export this item and its contents. Choose “Subnet”
  4. For subnet address, I have 10.0.1.x, so I put in “” and “”
  5. My subnet is secure, so I unchecked Map Root user to nobody, Map All users to nobody, and Read-only
  6. Hit Save
  7. Open up /Applications/Utilities/Netinfo Manager
  8. Click on Exports
  9. You should see the exact path of the export.
  10. In Ubuntu, create a placeholder directory (sudo mkdir /Shared)
  11. In a terminal type sudo gedit /etc/fstab
  12. Add an entry for the export: (example: /Shared nfs rsize=8192,wsize=8192,timeo=14,intr)
  13. Save file and exit
  14. In terminal type mount -a
  15. You should be able to access your shared files from your placeholder directory (/Shared)

The Netinfo Manager step helped me since I thought it was being exported as when it was actually

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