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Upgrading Trixbox

First of all, upgrading Trixbox is so easy to do it is amazing. To update from Trixbox 1.0 to 1.1.1 you go to an ssh terminal window and type the following:

rpm -del zaptel-modules-2.6.9-34.EL
rpm -del zaptel-modules-2.6.9-35.EL
yum -y update
trixbox-update.sh update
modprobe wcfxo [if you have zaptel hardware]
modprobe wcfxs [if you have zaptel hardware]

That being said, I have run into a few problems during upgrades.

  1. Music on hold. This is pretty minor, and based on a customization I did, so I am not surprised. The config file got replaced with the default one, so my high quality music was reverted back to the default MP3s. It had to be changed back to the custom version. No big deal.
  2. Content / Virus Filter. If you have a firewall based filter that screens out .sh files (those files can be dangerous), then this method will not work. When the trixbox-update.sh script runs, it first updates itself, and that part can be broken by the filter. Make sure the asterisk machine is exempt from this kind of filtering.
  3. Zaptel and unused T1 card. This one drove me crazy for a few hours. I followed the nerdvittles guide and rebuilt zaptel after running a yum update. Everything seemed fine, until test calls revealed there was no audio. It turns out an unused T1 card caused a configuration problem that ended up with no timing source for calls. I had to disable the drivers in zapata.cong and run genzaptelconf again. Then it was happy. Whew.
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