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Linksys SPA-3102 and FreePBX

TheLinksys SPA3102 is a powerful little device. For less than $100 it is a VOIP gateway with an FXO (connect to PSTN) port and an FXS (connect to a station) port. It is also a VOIP optimized internet router. For our purposes it was purchased for the FXO port, with the FXS port being an added bonus. The router functionality will not be used at all.
There are a few problems with the device, mainly in that it is so complex to configure and there is almost no documentation. I’m combining tips I’ve found into one streamlined procedure for getting the gateway working properly with Asterisk/FreePBX (or Trixbox). It will be a SIP trunk for inbound/outbound PSTN calls, and a SIP extension for use with a fax machine or analog phone.

  1. Connect network cable from LAN to Internet port on SPA-3102
  2. Connect an analog phone to Phone port on SPA-3102
  3. Connect power cable to SPA-3102, and plug in to AC power.
  4. Pick up phone (ignoring fast busy sound) and dial **** (You should hear a voice prompt)
  5. Dial 110* and write down IP address that will be read to you.
  6. Dial 7932#, then 1#, then 1. Hang up.
  7. Connect PSTN line to the Line port on SPA-3102
  8. Add a reservation on the DHCP server for the SPA-3102 so it can always be found at the same address.
  9. Follow the instructions in this article. It worked for me on the first try, and needed very little further tweaking.


I needed to raise the gain to 3 on the International Control section of the PSTN line for acceptable volume levels.

I’ve had people tell me it is the best sounding phone connection they’ve ever heard from the outside. It’s not exceptional from inside, but sounds fine.

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