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Importing Contacts into Outlook

Outlook handles individual vCards (2.1, not 3.0) just fine, but importing a batch can be a problem. Here is a procedure for getting an Apple Address Book into Outlook, via the Windows Address Book. This is tested with OSX 10.4.8 and Outlook XP on a terminal server session on Server 2003. Other versions are probably similar.

  1. Apple Address Book: Preferences > vCard Format> Click 2.1 format, and close the preferences window
  2. Highlight the contacts to export and choose File> Export vCard… Choose a location. It will export one combined file.
  3. Copy the file to the computer you’re importing from
  4. Go to Start: Program Files: Accessories: Address Book
  5. In Address Book, go to File > Import > Business Card (vCard)… and select your vCard 2.1 file. Address book will now import all the records from the file. You’ll have to OK each as it imports each one, but you can just sit hitting the ENTER key so it’s actually pretty quick.
  6. Fire up Outlook and pretend you’re importing addresses from Outlook Express. Go to File > Import and Export, choose “Import Internet Mail and Addresses” as the action, then “Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x” as the source and untick “Import Mail” and “Import Rules”. Make sure you can view invisble files. Specify \\<computer>>\Documents and Settings\<<user>>\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\<<user>>.wab. Choose Outlook Contacts Folder as the destination and tell it what you want to do with duplicates. Click Finish and Outlook will automatically import all the address you imported into Address Book into your Outlook Contacts folder.
    (Detailed instructions here.).

This was adapted from an entry at njivy.org.

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