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e815 Bluetooth problems

Here is a method for cleaning up bluetooth problems on a Motorola e815. Mine stopped pairing properly with my headset.

On your E815:
Press Menu
Go to “Settings”
Select “Initial Setup”
Select “Master Reset”
Enter the Serial Code: 000000
Select: OK
Asks: Reset all Phone Settings?
Select:YesPhone will turn off for a few seconds and come on again acknowledging a reset.

The phone will not lose any settings or contacts. After these steps have been completed, try the pairing steps again. The phone and vehicle should recognize each other.

Worked for me.

Also, here is the procedure for pairing with a Motorola HS850 headset:

Put the headset in pairing mode. With boom closed, press call button for 3-5 seconds. Indicator light will come on.

Immediately open the boom and the light should stay on steadily.
On Motorola phone, press Menu>Settings>Connection>Bluetooth Link>Handsfree>Look for devices
Select the Motorola HS850
Select OK or Yes to pair/bond headset to phone
End passkey: 0000
Select OK

If you were successful the indicator light should start flashing.

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