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OSX Login Window Manager

Bombich Software: LoginWindow Manager

This is a slick piece of software to enable several things in the loginwindow application. What caught my eye was the ability to set up a login shell script, which is more difficult to do than it should be. I used it to hook up a shell script that starts my synergy server at login.

I simply created a directory accessible by all users (at /Library/LoginWindow), created the shell script and made it executable, then ran LoginWindow Manager. There is a section for login/out scripts. You put in the path to your script, and it has a test button to make sure it works properly.

Here is my script:

prog=(/Applications/synergy-1.3.1/synergys --config /Applications/synergy-1.3.1/synergy.conf)
exec "${prog[@]}"

synergy.conf contains the configuration for the server.

On my Ubuntu (feisty – 7.04) machine, I have it launch the client at login. To do that (I’m using gnome), you go to System>Administration>Sessions. Click on the Startup Programs tab, and hit the New button. I named it Synergy, and put in this command:


It is possible to start these at the system startup level, but I prefer the login level since it enables clipboard sharing, which I use constantly.

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