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Clear Scalix IMAP Cache for a user

Problems with the IMAP Cache can cause messages not to appear or other mailbox weirdness. I had this happen with several of our local users after an accidental power disruption.

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Follow the steps below to clear IMAP cache:

1. make sure the user is logged out, i.e.

omstat -u all

should not show any more sessions for any user.

2. determine the user folder directory, i.e.

omshowu -n <lastname> -f

Note: <lastname> should be the lastname of the user in question.

3. Go there (the so-called g-directory of the user)

cd /var/opt/scalix/??/s/user/????????/

4. This should have a subdirectory called imap-cache. delete that:

rm -r imap-cache

Restart IMAP service:
    omoff -d 0 -a IMAP & omon IMAP

6. Try accessing the user’s mailbox using IMAP again.

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