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Dual Monitors with Ubuntu 7.04 Fesity Fawn and nVidia Video Card

July 14, 2007 Leave a comment

It is so easy to do it is almost mac-like. Install the Restricted Drivers, then from a terminal, issue the following command:

gksudo nvidia-settings

It will pop open a GUI for the Video card. Click on the X Server Display Configuration, and select TwinView, or Separate X Screen. Select the resolution and orientration. Twinview works well, but I don’t particularly like how windows pop to the middle of two screens broken in half. I prefer to use Separate X screen.

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Copfilter Spam Filter Problem Resolved

July 10, 2007 Leave a comment

Apparently the ix blacklist provider used by Copfilter, which is used if you choose the Razor, DCC, DNSBL option on the antipam settings, had a DDOS attack this year and as a result closed their service to non-registered users. The effect this had on my copfilter installations was the antispam scan times went from 3-6 sec to 50+ seconds. On a busy system all those scan jobs would effectively be a DDOS attack on your inbound mail. Disabling Razor, DCC and DNSBL would enable mail, but also allow through a large % of previously identified (in our case deleted) spam.

The resolution is to modify one text file manually:


What I did was copy it locally so I could cut and paste (plus make a backup of it). Then I copied it back to the firewall. You need to comment out and move the two sections about ix in the file to below the line # COPFILTER END – SPAM_SCAN_SPEEDUP

#header NIX_SPAM eval:check_rbl('nix-spam', '')
#describe NIX_SPAM Listed in NIX_SPAM DNSBL (thanks to
#tflags NIX_SPAM net
#score NIX_SPAM 2.0

#loadplugin iXhash
#body IXHASH eval:ixhashtest(‘’)
#describe IXHASH This mail has been classified as spam @ iX Magazine, Germany
#tflags IXHASH net
#score IXHASH 1.5

Then add in this known good blacklist provider:

#SPAMHAUS blacklist
header RCVD_IN_XBL_SPAMHAUS_ORG rbleval:check_rbl('relay', '')
describe RCVD_IN_XBL_SPAMHAUS_ORG Received via a relay in

If you add that in above the END – SPAM_SCAN_SPEEDUP line, it will be enabled/disabled with the others via the GUI. Then just restart the copfilter services and all is well again.

official copfilter support-forum :: Thema anzeigen – ix DNSBL requires registration of IP address

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