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Upgrading Scalix to a new server OS.

As part of our recent infrastructure upgrade, we moved our mail server to a a new OS, on a new virtual machine. We also upgraded to the newest enterprise version of Scalix: from Scalix 10.0 on Fedora Core 5 to Scalix 11.4 on CentOS 5.2.

Here are what we determined would have been the optimum way to perform the upgrade.

Change ip address of old machine, and reboot.

Stop Scalix on old machine (omshut)

Set IP and hostname on new machine to match old machine’s settings. Test forward and reverse dns to make sure it is all consistent.

Install Scalix package on new machine, and make sure it it does not throw any errors.

Stop Scalix on new machine (omshut) Inbound and outbound mail will stop at this point.

Rename or move message store on new machine, to make room for the old message store. (mv /var/opt/scalix/sx /var/opt/scalix/sx.bak)

Copy message store from old machine to new one (I used rsync) This takes the longest time of anything.

run ompatchom to fixup the message store for the new version.

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