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Reshaping your corneas without surgery

May 9, 2006 1 comment

The limiting factor in my workday is often my eyeballs. Good monitors help a lot to reduce the eye strain. If I know I'll be working a long day at the computer I have lower powered computer glasses that helped a lot, but now I have something way better. I've been using these gas permeable contacts that you wear while sleeping that reshape your corneas. The next day you don't need any vision correction. It's amazing, and cheaper than most other vision correction options. We had to work very late last night on a few problems, and my eyes were not tired at all. I had my one week checkup today, and he said my vision should continue to improve for a couple weeks! I just can't explain how happy I am with them. They are called Paragon CRT

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Learning things you already know

April 12, 2006 Leave a comment

A few months ago I discovered I have tied my shoes wrong for my whole life. My shoelaces would always come untied unless I double knotted them, then they were difficult to impossible to untie. Instead of the square knot you should use, I would usually tie a granny knot, which is very similar but very unreliable. I found a new way to tie my shoes – it’s called the “Ian Knot,” which a guy named Ian named after himself. The end result is a perfect square knot, but his method is very efficient and fool-proof. I can tie my shoes in a flash now, and they never come untied. Learning this thrilled me and most people I share this with don’t understand why.

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